As the bio rhythms change, the 3 subtle humors in the body namely VAYU, PITTA and KAPHA go into a state of imbalance.

KAPHA gets expressed in 5 different ways, controlling different functions in the body through :

KHLEDAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha indicates the initial stage of digestion like proper moistening of food, the property mixture and balance/imbalance of alkaline and acidic secretions, and the health of the walls of the upper and middle abdomen, presence of diabetes and the type of diabetes, onset of diabetes and when with the cause.

AVALAMBAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of the fluid in the lungs, the health of the lungs and ailments/diseases of any, pericardial condition, the emotional state of a person, early warning of the onset of heart ailments, and also the current condition of the heart etc.

BODHAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha indicates the moistening of the mouth and its effective protection from hot and pungent foods, the extent of salvation, sense of taste, the health of gums and teeth etc.

TARPAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the effectiveness of the sensory and cognitive faculties, the coordination between the sensory and motor organs, presence of past life memories, the reason and extent of mental fatigue, indication of impending stroke/paralysis, ability to store information and the reasons for memory loss.

SHLESHMAKA KAPHA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the health of joints, effective lubrication of joints and/or the cause of lack of it, kinds of joint problems, onset of arthritic condition etc.

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