Vata (Vayu)

As the bio rhythms change, the 3 subtle humors in the body namely VAYU, PITTA and KAPHA go into a state of imbalance.

VAYU is an aspect of Prana and this gets expressed in 5 different ways, controlling different functions in the body through the 5 pranas namely :

PRANA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the control and activity of breathing, swallowing, mental activity and sensory perceptions, insomnia and its cause, type of migraine and its cause, types of dreams and the interpretation, excess chattering of the brain etc.

APANA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the downward movement of food, functioning of bladder, rectum, menstruation, ovulation, the quality and functioning of the reproductive organs, ailments and its cause, early warning of lack of libido, impotency, lower backache, sciatica, pre menstrual pain and its associated symptoms, and proper/improper elimination of toxins.

UDANA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the functioning of memory, memory retention, communication and expression, motivation, will power, upward movement of food, complexion of the skin, output of energy etc.

SAMANA – Nadi Pariksha indicates enzyme production, assimilation of food, digestive disorders, the effect of thoughts and impression on our body and the equilibrium of the body… and

VYANA – Nadi Pariksha reveals the effective internal circulation of oxygen, blood and nutrients, General movement of the body (extension and contraction, movement of joints, reflexes), any presence of spasms, nervous disorders, the working if the sweat glands etc.

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